Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Harman Inkjet Baryta Photo Paper

Harman Technology was formed by 6 former managers of Ilford, and is named after Ilfords founder Alfred Hugh Harman.
Why is this of interest to me? Well they have just introduced a range of papers that have a Baryta base just like the Fibre based papers used by professional photographers and art printers for over 50 years, here's their Blurb:

"HARMAN PHOTO Professional Inkjet Paper has been developed using state-of-the-art photo imaging and paper base technology.
The real photo baryta base gives true photographic weight and feel to the paper. The imaging technology behind the paper has been extensively researched and the formulation gives an outstanding image quality in terms of extensive colour gamut, greater detail and definition, excellent tones and archival permanence properties.
The specially developed anti-curl system ensures the prints remain flat after printing.
Designed for digital fine art printing, HARMAN PHOTO Professional Inkjet Paper is of exhibition and museum quality. The perfect media for limited editions of giclee prints or archival prints. Products currently in the range are MATT FB Mp and MATT FB Mp WARMTONE. July will see the launch of an air-dried Gloss version.
The paper is designed for use on all leading pigment and dye based ink printers".

Sounds good to me, as I've been looking for a fine art printing paper for my Epson R2400 and although at time of writing I can only get my hands on the Matt version, as soon as the glossy one comes out I'll be sure to give it a try- test report to follow.

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